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Knowing the secrets to a successful Job Search and Career Happiness is more important than ever. A Powerful Résumé, Cover Letter, and follow-up skills are essential. Though your career isn’t your life, it does play a major role. Sure it probably won’t be easy, but your goals are always achievable if you invest in yourself. You can’t afford not to.

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It's time for your "Success Story !"

   62 year-old Maurice was one of my first clients. He had come to this country from France at the age of 16. Maurice told me his entire career had been in the ¡°shoe mold¡± industry. Most of these jobs were now going overseas.

   Maurice¡¯s manufacturing company was closing.

   The first words Maurice said to me were ¡°Judy, I do not want to move to China.¡± A widower, Maurice was a charming, attractive man who told me he kept in shape by teaching ballroom dancing. He was also scared. He had little savings and only a small pension. He was adamant that he did not want to be a burden to his children. Most importantly, he said the thought of not having a job he enjoyed doing made him feel like his life had no purpose.

   I worked intensively with Maurice as he did his occupational research. After several weeks he was able to determine a career in HVAC would be perfect. The only problem was he didn¡¯t have the necessary training. I then assisted him with school research and obtaining funding.

   Maurice was a dedicated student with excellent test scores. When the time was right we re-focused on his job search. Armed with a great r¨¦sum¨¦ and interviewing skills he was able to get a job in his new field almost immediately.

   He later said to me, ¡°No matter what, Judy, I will never be cold in the winter or hot in the summer.¡±

Maurice had found career happiness!

Question of the Month

Is taking a temp job ever a good idea? ...

Yes. If finances are tight taking a temp job will put money in your pocket while you continue your job search. It can also be a great way to research companies and occupations. Some temp agencies even offer health care insurance.
A word of caution -- Check out the temp agency¡¯s reputation and know exactly what you¡¯re agreeing to before you sign any agreements.

Interviewing Tips

1. Dress for Success.
2. Arrive 10 to 15 Minutes Early.
3. Do Your Homework.
4. Be Prepared.
5. Show Enthusiasm.

Judy Gillespie Professional Career Advisor

'We create bridges to go through life ... '

There are several factors a successful Career Coach employs to effectively assist you in accomplishing your desired results.

Job Search Strategies
Market Knowledge
Goal Setting
Industry contacts
Training Knowledge
Strategic R¨¦sum¨¦s
Job/Career Identification
Job/Career Transitioning Assistance
Entrepreneurial Information and Resources

Career Coaching is an investment in you. By using the resources of Judy Gillespie, the experience and the wealth of knowledge that she offers, your new career may be closer than you think!

Each day we must make decisions and take actions that affect us, family, and community. We can become lost in our daily responsibilities. Time to focus on ourselves is often in short supply.

Long term goals may seem unachievable.

Give yourself the gift of an objective, caring, and successful Career Advisor!